FAA Medical Denied Because Of Depression?

Is your FAA medical denied because of depression? Fortunately, depression is not a condition which is specifically identified by the Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR Part 67) as being a disqualifying medical condition. Instead, however, the FAA has identified depression as a condition which warrants evaluation regarding its aeromedical significance for any given airmen. (more…)

Is Your FAA Medical Denied Because You Use Lexapro?

Is your FAA medical denied because you use Lexapro? If you are reporting a history of using Lexapro (generic being Escitalopram) on your FAA medical application, your medical application will be deferred by your Aviation Medical Examiner (“AME”). Thereafter, the FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine will send you correspondence, likely requesting copies of your medical records relevant to your history of treatment with Lexapro. (more…)

Can I Get a FAA Medical Certificate with a TBI?

Can I Get a FAA Medical Certificate with a  TBI? This is a question that we are asked frequently by airmen who have had a head injury. This firm most frequently sees airmen attempting to achieve FAA medical certification despite a history of traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) resulting from an automobile or aircraft accident, a fall, injuries incurred in the military, or as the result of another traumatic injury.  Of course, every case is different; however, it may be possible to achieve FAA medical certification following a TBI. (more…)

FAA Medical and VA Benefits for PTSD

Is it possible to obtain a FAA medical certificate and VA benefits for PTSD? There are many veterans who hold medical certificates with the FAA, despite actively receiving benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”). While every case is different, the FAA typically considers an airman’s current mental health status, whether the airman requires on-going treatment for symptoms, and the airman’s level of risk for recurrence of PTSD symptoms, to consider whether an airman is eligible for airman medical certification. (more…)

Unreported Conditions on Your FAA Medical Application

Yes, unreported conditions on your FAA medical application could lead to serious consequences. Maybe it was an accident. You didn’t really read the questions. You misunderstood the question. You were afraid to report something that could lead to denial of your medical application. If the FAA discovers an unreported condition, including DUI arrests and VA disability benefits, the bad news is that you could face revocation of your airman certificate and your medical certificate. (more…)