Standing Up For Your Legal Rights in Turbulent Times.

You need both a pilot and a lawyer on your side for your aviation law needs. You need an aviation attorney that focuses on your legal problems. You need an aviation attorney that understands your legal problems. You need an aviation attorney that will represent you to the fullest extent of the law. You need The Pilot Lawyer at The Ison Law Firm.

The Ison Law Firm is standing by to vector you through legal turbulence. Just like the four foundational elements of flight (lift, weight, thrust, and drag), The Ison Law Firm relies upon four foundational elements when representing every client: tenacity, respect, dedication, and faith.

We will always tenaciously pursue your claim or defense. We will always treat clients, opponents, and tribunals with the highest level of respect. We will always exercise the utmost diligence in the representation of a client by going the extra mile to make every client happy and whole. We will always rely upon our deeply rooted Christian faith in which we believe that through God all things are possible.

Affordable Representation

The Ison Law Firm exists to help the aviation community during turbulent times – not to make times more turbulent. Call today to discuss how The Ison Law Firm provides representation that works for every budget.

Worldwide FAA Representation

The Ison Law Firm provides worldwide defense to commercial, corporate, and general aviation pilots, mechanics, and all other FAA certificate holders. No matter your location, The Ison Law Firm can assist with your FAA or NTSB legal needs!

Pilot Lawyer Representation

Call today to discuss your case with a lawyer and a pilot. The Ison Law Firm understands that issues in aviation require specialized aviation knowledge, which is why your lawyer at The Ison Law Firm is also a certificated pilot.