Human Intervention Motivation Studies

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) established the Human Intervention Motivation Studies (HIMS) program to develop aeromedical programs for the medical certification and special issuance authorization of applicants. As with many elements of airman medical certification, the HIMS program comes with issues and may not be an appropriate pathway to medical certification for all airmen (especially if the airman has erroneously been identified as having a disqualifying medical condition). Be that as it may, there are times when engagement with a HIMS-qualified professional may be the most efficient and legitimate pathway to medical certification.

A HIMS-trained professional assists in many matters, such as SSRI medication use, substance abuse/dependence, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental health-related issues. Naturally, choosing the correct HIMS professional to help establish your eligibility for FAA medical certification can be a daunting process. The aviation attorneys at The Ison Law Firm routinely provide legal representation, advocacy, and guidance to airmen seeking medical certification with the FAA who may need to engage with a HIMS-trained professional.

Depending upon the medical condition at issue, an airman may need to engage with a HIMS-trained Aviation Medical Examiner (AME), a HIMS-trained psychiatrist, a HIMS-trained psychologist, or a combination thereof. When selecting a HIMS professional, one of the most important things to look for is how many HIMS cases the professional has handled and that professional’s reputation with the FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine. Just because a professional undergoes training to become HIMS qualified does not necessarily mean that the professional is well-versed in FAA procedures, the best practices to efficiently obtain medical certification, or cost-efficient ways to perform monitoring and other necessary tasks. In other words, experience matters, and the attorneys at The Ison Law Firm know the HIMS professionals that have the needed experience to potentially make a positive difference in your favor.

If you have a medical condition that requires the use of a HIMS-trained professional, or if the FAA has advised you to engage with a HIMS AME, psychiatrist or obtain a neuropsychological evaluation, contact our team from The Ison Law Firm Aviation Lawyers today at 855-322-1215 to consult with experienced FAA aviation attorneys about your case.