Jan, 2019

When looking for FAA medical certification assistance, is it smart to hire an attorney? Having a FAA medical defense attorney on your side has its benefits when you need FAA medical certification assistance. When faced with a FAA medical application deferral, FAA medical denial, or FAA medical revocation, you have options on who to get …

Dec, 2018

It’s not uncommon for airmen with deferred FAA medical applications to find themselves saying: “it’s taking forever to get my FAA medical certificate.” When an airman’s FAA medical application is “deferred” by the Aviation Medical Examiner “AME,” the airman’s FAA medical application is sent to the cold, dark, labyrinth of either the FAA’s Regional Flight …

Dec, 2018

The first question airmen usually ask when faced with a FAA investigation is, “should I respond to a FAA Letter of Investigation?” The answer to whether you should respond to a FAA Letter of Investigation is actually quite nuanced. In that, the circumstances of every situation will dictate whether a response to a FAA Letter …

Sep, 2018

Failing to disclose VA disability benefits on your FAA medical application could potentially be a big problem for you and your airman certificate. The sanction for providing an incorrect answer or providing an intentionally false answer to 18y. on  FAA Form 8500-9 (the FAA airman medical application) with respect to your VA disability benefits is revocation of …

Aug, 2018

Are you a transportation worker who needs help resolving a TSA Preliminary Determination of Ineligibility? As an employee or potential employee who might need access to secure areas of the nation’s maritime facilities and vessels, the TSA will require you to have a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (“TWIC”). When applying for a TWIC, the TSA …

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