FAA AME with Dr. Auren Weinberg

by The Pilot Lawyer |September 8, 2023|

Pilots that are going through the medical certificate process usually are sweating buckets. 


Their whole career is literally on the line.  One bad medical condition and they are grounded for the rest of their lives.
Now, imagine you can speak to an FAA approved medical examiner before your official exam. 

Would this put your nerves at ease?

In this episode, Dr. Auren Weinberg, an FAA approved senior medical examiner joins us to reveal how to navigate the medical examination process.  Join us as we discuss how to get through this nerve wrecking experience as a pilot. 

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • The very first step every pilot must take to prepare for the medical examination (5:41)  
  • Why these 2 tests are mandatory for every pilot during a medical examination (6:50)
  • The top 2 “systemic diseases” the FAA vigilantly monitors in pilots (7:08)
  • How to navigate FAA’s 3 tiers of medical examination (so you can finally fly again) (8:02)
  • What are “CACI” conditions and how to get it approved as a pilot (so you can be back in the cockpit) (8:28)
  • Discover these “Google hacks” to navigate FAA’s rigorous medical requirements for pilots (11:54)
  • How these two conditions can permanently halt your pilot’s medical certificate (12:29)
  • What happens if the FAA catches a lie on a pilot’s Medxpress application (16:38)
  • How to pass the medical examination if you have vision problems as a pilot (21:17)

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