If you depend on your airman or airman medical certificate for your career, you should retain a FAA enforcement attorney from the first sign of trouble with the FAA. If a FAA enforcement attorney is involved with an airman’s defense during the early stages of a FAA investigation, an airman may be better poised to defend his or her position before the NTSB during a FAA emergency revocation or suspension. In that, by starting with a FAA enforcement attorney early (as soon as the airman knows of a potential violation or upon receipt of a FAA letter of investigation), an airman may be able to mitigate damaging evidence becoming a part of the FAA’s Enforcement Investigative Report (“EIR”).

One of the more common problems that occurs, especially when an airman is being investigated for “intentional falsification” of an airman medical certificate, is when an airman provides a response to a FAA letter of investigation without advice from a FAA enforcement attorney. Unfortunately, most airmen believe they have nothing to hide and that by responding to the FAA’s letter of investigation, the airman is inviting compassion and understanding from the FAA. Despite what appears to be a common-sense response to an unnerving situation, the FAA is not as “kind and gentle” as an airman would want to think. Nevertheless, what an airman needs to know is that providing a response that is not calculated and well-prepared could offer the FAA attorney the exact evidence he or she needs to prove “intention falsification” or otherwise, as everything an airman provides in response to a letter of investigation will be used against him or her.

A FAA enforcement attorney can provide insight to NTSB precedent and the facts prior to an airman providing a response to a FAA letter of investigation. Doing so could very well mean the difference between an airman being successful with a defense before the NTSB and not.

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