There are a lot of comments on Reddit about FAA medical certification. Thanks to the internet, you have better access to the unsolicited opinions and experiences of your fellow aviators. As an example, you are reading this article – another unsolicited opinion. What is unfortunate, however, is when an airman judges his or her situation as either being futile or likely to succeed based purely on the experiences shared by a fellow-forum user. Comments on Reddit about FAA medical certification, or on any other internet forum, should not be utilized as a one-size-fits-all application to your situation. While you may think your situation is similar to that of what you are reading on any given forum, it is important to remember that every case is different and that different strategies for success with your FAA medical certificate might be better suited to your history.

It is our experience that every case is like a snowflake. Sure, all the snowflakes may look the same, they are all cold, they are white, and small, and fluffy. However, on a microscopic level, each snowflake is different. The same, too, holds true with the idea that every case and every airman is different when it comes to consideration for FAA medical certification. Your unique medical history, how your doctor has charted your medical history, and your resources to leverage appropriate documentation to establish FAA medical certification will be different than everybody else’s. Therefore, just because a keyboard hero says you don’t have a prayer’s chance, that doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel on your goal of earning a FAA medical certificate.

Whether it is with this firm, or with someone else, it is always best to consult with someone who knows the intricacies of the FAA and the processes for achieving medical certification. Do this before you make the decision that you won’t be able to achieve medical certification with the FAA. Don’t let comments on Reddit make the decision for you.

If you are discouraged from comments on Reddit about FAA medical certification, call the FAA attorneys at The Ison Law Firm. We are happy to evaluate your case and discuss with you a plan for presenting your case to your AME or the FAA. Aviation law is all we do. Nothing else.