FAA Airman Medical Certificate Denial and Special Issuance Authorization

Are you dealing with a Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) airman medical certificate denial or problem? Every airman must have a valid medical certificate before he or she can legally fly as pilot-in-command (“PIC”) or second-in-command (“SIC”) of an aircraft. While the medical standards for airmen depend upon whether the airman is seeking a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class medical certificate, you should know that if you are denied a medical certificate, you are not out of options.
The Federal Aviation Regulations at 14 C.F.R. §67.409 allows airmen the opportunity to petition the National Transportation Safety Board (“NTSB”) and fight the FAA if they are denied a medical certificate. However, the airman has to act quickly because Federal regulations only grant an airman 60 days to appeal a denial of a FAA medical certificate to the NTSB from the date that the airman received a denial letter.
In some circumstances, an aviation attorney at The Ison Law Firm may be able to get the Federal Air Surgeon to authorize a special issuance medical certificate for an airman. A special issuance authorization may be granted in the Federal Air Surgeon’s discretion, even though the airman does not meet the qualifications set forth under the Federal Aviation Regulations.
Whether you have been denied a FAA airman medical certificate or the Federal Air Surgeon is requesting more information regarding a conviction or medical condition, your aviation attorney at The Ison Law Firm will set out to prove to the Federal Air Surgeon that you, the airman, are able to safely exercise the duties of your airman privileges, without endangering public safety.
Although physically located in Florida, The Ison Law Firm handles FAA airman medical certificate denial defense and petitions to the NTSB nationwide. If you are an airman and have been denied a FAA medical certificate or if the FAA is requesting more information regarding your eligibility to hold a FAA airman medical certificate, call your aviation attorney at The Ison Law Firm to discuss your options.

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