Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials Transportation Issues

The Ison Law Firm counsels clients on issues regarding the interpretation of and compliance with the Federal regulations governing the transportation of hazardous materials by air. Compliance with these regulations can be both complicated and time consuming. Unfortunately, if you or your company fails to comply with the regulations regarding the transportation of “HazMat,” civil penalties could be sought by The US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (“PHMSA”), The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), and/or The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”). Civil penalties could be the government’s response response to violations related to hazardous materials classifications, packaging, hazard communication, emergency response information and training. These penalties could potentially reach into the millions of dollars. Nonetheless, your aggressive attorney at The Ison Law Firm will fight to keep these Federal agencies out of your pockets.

Beyond civil penalty defense, The Ison Law Firm helps manufacturers, airlines, Part 121 and Part 135 operators, freight forwarders, transporters, and others research, review, submit, and monitor PHMSA Special Permit & Approval applications. PHMSA Special Permits authorize a person or company to transport hazardous materials in a fashion which is not consistent under PHMSA regulations. Approvals will authorize the transportation of certain hazardous materials (such as fireworks and chemicals) under the PHMSA regulations. When you retain The Ison Law Firm to assist in your PHMSA Special Permit & Approval application, your attorney will seek a variance which achieves a safety level that is at least equal to the safety level required under the Federal HazMat laws, but also convenient for your company.

The Ison Law Firm is standing by to help you with all your HazMat transportation needs. Whether you are the subject of a civil penalty or seeking to avoid civil penalties, trust your aviation attorney at The Ison Law Firm to stand up for your business.