Failure to report a DUI to the FAA comes with some pretty serious repercussions. Generally, when you’ve been arrested for DUI, you potentially have two (and in some cases, three) reporting requirements to the FAA. The first reporting requirement occurs on your airman medical application – if you’ve been arrested for DUI, you must report that arrest under question 18v. The second reporting requirement occurs within 60 days of an action against your driver’s license as a result of an alcohol-related motor vehicle action and/or within 60 days of a conviction (this is the potential third reporting requirement). Notice, this is potentially three different reports you must make to the FAA, as most times, convictions occur more than 60 days after the first reportable action against your driver’s license.

First, the bad news: failure to report a DUI arrest (note that unlike 14 CFR §61.15, you must report an arrest, even if you weren’t ultimately convicted of a DUI) on your airman medical application can result in revocation of all of your certificates. You read that correctly…the FAA can (and will) revoke your pilot’s license and medical certificate for intentional falsification, if they find a lie or omission on your medical application. Furthermore, if you fail to report a reportable action under 14 CFR §61.15, the FAA can and will suspend your pilot’s license.

Now, the good news: if you are just now realizing that you failed to report your DUI to the FAA and the FAA has not contacted you about your failure to report the DUI, you may have an opportunity to correct the issue. What’s this mean? Essentially, you can correct these issues, if you are proactive in doing so. It is important to keep in mind that anything you say or do in correcting your failure to report a DUI to the FAA can be used against you. Additionally, reporting a DUI could potentially cause the FAA to launch an inquiry as to your eligibility to hold an airman medical certificate. So, it is always good idea that you consult with competent FAA defense counsel prior to correcting your reporting errors to the FAA.

If you are concerned about a failure to report a DUI to the FAA, call your FAA defense attorney at The Ison Law Firm. The Pilot Lawyer is standing by to vector you through legal turbulence.