After an airplane or helicopter accident, you or your loved ones may be wondering about aviation accident representation. First, if you are reading this and you or your loved ones have been injured or killed in an aviation accident, please accept our deepest sympathy. It is truly saddening when technology that is meant to enhance our lives brings us harm. Nevertheless, if you find yourself wondering what to do after an aviation accident, your first step should be to call an aviation attorney. In that, an aviation attorney can give you guidance from early-on, as to what type of evidence should be preserved, how you should interact with the Federal Aviation Administration and/or National Transportation Safety Board, insurance companies, manufacturers, and so on. More specifically, an aviation attorney can identify early on whether you can bring a lawsuit for money damages against the party (or parties) responsible for the accident.

Who can be responsible for money damages after an aviation accident? When there is an airplane crash or helicopter crash, depending on the facts and circumstances of the aviation accident, the liable party could potentially be the pilot or pilots, the manufacturer of the aircraft and/or the components of the aircraft, the air carrier (if this is a commercial aviation accident), those that maintained the aircraft, the Federal Aviation Administration, and others. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to say with any immediacy who is at fault in an aviation accident and lots of times, it depends on the investigation and decisions made by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Who can sue the responsible party after an aviation accident? While every case is different, a surviving, injured party can bring a claim of action (sometimes along with his or her spouse) against the party responsible for the aviation accident. In the event where an individual dies as a result of an aviation accident, a surviving spouse and/or child may be able to sue the responsible party for wrongful death following the airplane accident or helicopter accident. Aviation accident representation by an aviation attorney will be able to determine whether you have “privity” to sue the responsible party for damages.

Aviation accident representation should always start with an aviation attorney. An aviation attorney usually is a pilot, as well – either by trade or as a hobby. It is important that your aviation accident representation be conducted by someone that has an understanding of aerodynamics, piloting, and the relevant aviation regulations and workings of the FAA and NTSB. While it may be necessary for your aviation attorney to enlist the help of other attorneys on large cases, it is always important to make sure that at least one attorney on your team is a pilot.

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