PRIA Issues for Airmen

PRIA or the Pilot Records Improvement Act of 1996 is a record recording/reporting system which requires Part 121, 125, and 135 operators to request, receive, and evaluate certain information concerning a pilot/applicant’s training, experience, qualification, and safety background, before allowing that individual to begin service as a pilot with their company. Furthermore, PRIA allows an air carrier to request FAA records including verification of the medical certificate, pilot or mechanic certificate, or any other authorized certificate held by an airman, accident and incident information, and Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) enforcement information.
On the FAA side of PRIA, only final certificate actions fully adjudicated and closed, resulting in a finding of a violation and not subsequently overturned, are required to be released by PRIA. Information related to no actions, administrative actions, or certificate actions that are in process (pending, open, or under appeal) will not be released under PRIA.
Most often the problem airmen experience with PRIA is when previous employers include falsified, incriminating, or otherwise incorrect records in their PRIA file. Unfortunately, false, incorrect, or potentially incriminating information can significantly affect an airmen’s ability to obtain work with different air carriers. 49 U.S.C. §44703(h)(9) that: “[a]n air carrier that maintains or requests and receives the records of an individual [regulated under PRIA], shall provide the individual with a reasonable opportunity to submit written comments to correct any inaccuracies contained in the records…” As such, in these situations, once an airman reviews his/her PRIA records, he or she may submit a written statement to both a previous employer and hiring air carrier to correct any inaccuracy or omission in his or her PRIA records. The employer should include the airman’s statement in his or her PRIA-related records – if not amend a blatantly incorrect or fraudulent record.
Although physically located in Florida, The Ison Law Firm handles PRIA related issues nationwide. If you have any questions about PRIA and/or how it may affect you or your career, call your aviation attorney at The Ison Law Firm. A letter from your attorney may help correct any inaccuracies or falsities in your PRIA record.