Pilot Certificate Actions

Receiving a letter or notice from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can be overwhelming. The action the FAA proposes could cost you your job and career. Years of investing and working to obtain your pilot certification could be lost.

Our aviation attorneys at The Ison Law Firm Aviation Lawyers are equipped and ready to help you respond to FAA pilot certificate actions. We are not only experienced aviation lawyers – we are experienced pilots ourselves. We have decades of experience flying and representing pilots in court.

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How Our Nationwide Aviation Lawyers Can Help With FAA Pilot Certificate Actions


Pilot certificate actions are challenging to defend. Special rules and laws apply to aviation matters because they involve public safety. Therefore, you need an aviation lawyer with experience handling FAA actions against pilot certificates. At The Ison Law Firm Aviation Lawyers, our attorneys have comprehensive, broad-based qualifications in law and aviation.

When you hire our nationwide pilot lawyers, we’ll handle all aspects of a pilot certificate action, including:

  • Promptly responding to the FAA to meet shortened deadlines for pilot certificate actions
  • Explaining your rights and legal options for fighting proposed actions by the FAA regarding your pilot’s certificate
  • Gathering evidence to refute the allegations by the FAA
  • Working with you to prepare a response to the FAA’s actions to give you the best chance of retaining your pilot certification
  • Handling all matters related to a pilot certificate action, from the first FAA letter and early states of investigation through the litigation and appeals process

Your first inclination may be to respond to the FAA. However, there is a lot at stake, and your actions and comments now could significantly impact the outcome of your case.

Instead of rushing to respond to the FAA, contact The Ison Law Firm Aviation Lawyers immediately to speak with an experienced attorney. Your initial consultation is always confidential.


Why Is the FAA Sending Me a Letter Regarding a Pilot Certificate Action?

There are many reasons why the FAA initiates pilot certificate actions. 

Examples of situations or circumstances that might prompt a pilot certificate action from the FAA can include:

  • You failed a mandatory drug test
  • The FAA discovered that you received a DUI and failed to report it
  • Someone made an anonymous report to the FAA Hotline about wrongful acts
  • You violated Federal Aviation Regulations
  • You failed to report medical information on your application
  • The FAA discovered that you have a medical condition that disqualifies you as a pilot

There are other situations that might trigger a pilot certification action, so check with an aviation attorney if you have questions.


Examples of FAA Pilot Certificate Actions

The FAA Enforcement Division handles pilot certificate actions. The FAA may pursue several actions regarding pilot certificates, including suspending or revoking a pilot’s certificate. 

Examples of pilot certificate actions include:

Letters of Investigation

An FAA Letter of Investigation (LOI) means the FAA suspects that you violated one or more Federal Aviation Regulations. An LOI is part of the enforcement process, which means the FAA is gathering evidence and information about a potential violation. By sending you the LOI, the FAA is notifying you of the investigation and allowing you to respond to the allegations against you.

However, your response is included in the Enforcement Investigative Report. It could be used at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge. Therefore, before responding to an LOI, contact our office to discuss your response with an aviation lawyer.


Notice of Proposed Certificate Action

The FAA sends a Notice of Proposed Certificate Action (NOPCA) when it believes you violated regulations. The letter explains the alleged violations and includes a response deadline and options.

You must respond to an NOPCA before the deadline expires. Failing to respond to the NOPCA could result in an FAA Order of Revocation or suspension of your pilot certificate. The order may be an emergency or non-emergency order.

Contact The Ison Law Firm Aviation Lawyers immediately if you receive a Notice of Proposed Certificate of Action. Our pilot attorneys can act swiftly to reply to the NOPCA. Then, we will investigate the matter and begin building a defense to the allegations against you.


Emergency Order of Revocation

The FAA uses Emergency Orders of Revocation to revoke a pilot’s certificate without a full investigation. Quick action is required to appeal the emergency status so that you can keep your certificate during the pending investigation. The time to file an appeal of the emergency status is just a couple of days, so call an aviation lawyer now.


Medical Certificate Revocation

Pilots must have medical approval to fly. If the FAA receives information that you have a medical condition that disqualifies you from flying, you will receive this notice. The FAA could suspend or revoke your pilot’s certificate pending a medical review. Our lawyers are well-versed in pilot certificate actions related to medical certifications.

Many of the above pilot certificate actions are appealable to the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board). However, time is not on your side. You need immediate legal advice from a skilled pilot lawyer. Pilot certificate actions could result in suspension or the revocation of your pilot certificate, civil penalties, and fines.


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