FAA Hotline Complaint

  • ON Apr 22, 2021
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  • BY Anthony Ison
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FAA hotline complaints can cause a big headache for an unsuspecting airman. A FAA hotline complaint starts with a complaint made through the FAA’s hotline reporting form, wherein the general public can make reports via an online forum regarding aviation safety issues. By design, anybody can make a report about anyone or anything through the FAA hotline reporting form. As a result, and unfortunately, the FAA hotline oftentimes is misused and becomes a forum for individuals to present malicious and inaccurate attacks against their ex-spouse, ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, an employee, or an airman they just don’t like.

Seemingly the most common types of reports made through the FAA hotline are about an airman’s fitness for duty. Common hotline complaints made about airmen include allegations of alcohol use, drug use, undisclosed medical disorders, observed behavior, etc. Such a report will prompt the FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine to inquire as to an airman’s eligibility to hold a medical certificate. The FAA has the authority to make such an inquiry pursuant to 14 CFR 67.413(a), as a hotline report gives the FAA a reasonable basis for redetermination of an airman’s eligibility to meet the standards prescribed in Part 67.

If as a result of a FAA hotline complaint you have received a letter from the Office of Aerospace Medicine requesting medical documentation, be careful how you respond. If you provide a response to the Office of Aerospace Medicine and offer too much information, or too little information, your medical could be denied or revoked. If the hotline complaint reveals that you have failed to report a medical condition on your application for medical certification, the FAA could revoke your airman certificate for “falsification,” too. As a result, it is important to consult with an aviation attorney as to an appropriate response to the FAA’s inquiry, as any such response could be used as evidence against you in an enforcement action.

If you are the subject of a FAA hotline complaint, call the pilot lawyers at The Ison Law Firm today – 1-855-FAA-1215. An aviation attorney should be able to provide counsel on an appropriate response to the FAA and work to achieve a disposition with the FAA. Aviation law is all we do and nothing else!