FAA Enforcement Action Defense

The Ison Law Firm prides itself on providing clients with personalized legal advocacy and representation when defending against a Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Enforcement Action.

Letters of Investigation (LOI)

Whether you are an airman, mechanic, air traffic control specialist, parachute rigger, aircraft dispatcher, or an air carrier, the last thing you want to see in the mail is a Letter of Investigation (LOI) from the FAA. Oftentimes, the LOI is the first sign of an impending Enforcement Action against your certificate(s). At the very least, the LOI will be a sign that the FAA is investigating you for a possible violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

While the urge to respond to a LOI may be tempting, avoid doing so until you have spoken with an aviation attorney at The Ison Law Firm to help avoid making an incriminating statement to the FAA. After all, anything you say could be used against you before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) before the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) should the FAA bring an Enforcement Action to revoke or suspend your certificates.


If the FAA insists on pursuing an Enforcement Action against your certificate(s), then the FAA will mail you a Notice of Proposed Certificate Action or Emergency Order. If you know or have reason to know that you are receiving a letter from the FAA, do not hesitate to take delivery of that letter. Ignoring the letter and claiming you did not timely receive the letter is not a viable defense! The sooner you are aware of the contents of the FAA’s letter, the sooner you can begin formulating a defense with The Ison Law Firm.

A Notice of Proposed Certificate Action or Emergency Order is a time-sensitive document. This means that you should consult with an attorney who handles FAA enforcement defense litigation immediately in order to preserve any defenses you might have. Failure to timely appeal the FAA’s decision will prejudice your ability to defend your certificates before an ALJ for the NTSB!


Within a Notice of Proposed Certificate Action or Emergency Order, the FAA Administrator will elect to either suspend or revoke your certificate(s). In an enforcement action against an airman’s certificate, a Notice of Proposed Certificate action can suggest sanctions ranging anywhere from a 30-day suspension to a revocation of an airman’s certificate. Moreover, the FAA can impose civil penalties against certificate holders and others for violations of the FARs of up to $50,000.00.

Although located in Florida, The Ison Law Firm represents clients World-wide representation in the defense of FAA Enforcement Actions or Emergency Orders. If you have a pending LOI, FAA Enforcement Action or Emergency Order, call The Ison Law Firm for a free consultation today regarding your legal options.