Drone Consulting/Part 107/Protocol Handbooks

These are exciting times for the aviation industry! With its announcement of Part 107 to the Federal Aviation Regulations, the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) seeks to broaden the spectrum of aircraft and operators within the National Airspace System (“NAS”) – growing the aviation community exponentially! Part 107 potentially gives millions of individuals and companies access to the NAS for commercial flights conducted via Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or “drones.” This means there is less red tape and less hassle if a company wants to use its drone for a commercial purpose. However, now that the FAA is providing easier access to the NAS for commercial drone operations, the problem is that most people don’t know where to begin when it comes to starting a drone business or how to incorporate a drone into their existing business.
Your drone attorney at The Ison Law Firm can help navigate the muddy waters of Part 107 for new and existing businesses. The Drone Business Consultation Package gives you 3 full hours to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and be coached by a drone attorney about Part 107, Federal Aviation Regulations, and, if you are in Florida, any other question that may pertain to the business side of your drone company. Forget to ask a question? No problem! The Drone Business Consultation Package can be utilized via e-mail, phone, in-person, via Skype, or even text messaging! Learn everything you need to know about how to be FAA compliant and feel confident in your business!
Beyond The Drone Business Consultation Package, The Ison Law Firm offers assistance with creating Drone Operations and Maintenance Handbooks for drone businesses. When you have an operations and maintenance protocol handbook in place, your company can rest assured knowing that drone operations and maintenance will be conducted the same way every time…in a safe, efficient, and FAA compliant manner. A protocol handbook can help eliminate liability (both tortious and regulatory), as well as contribute to growing the business within a region or even within the nation.
If you are starting, have started, or are interested in starting a drone business, call the drone lawyer at The Ison Law Firm today!