What’s the Hold Up at the FAA

by The Pilot Lawyer |June 16, 2023|

The FAA is one of the largest government agencies in the United States.  And, as you are aware, anything associated with the government moves at a snail-like speed.

Which means… 

Your review can take as long as 6 months—and that’s if you are lucky enough to understand their complicated process. 

Unfortunately for you, your ability to fly rests in their hands. And you can’t get paid while they drag their feet. and you are sitting at home not flying and not getting paid while they drag their feet.  

This is why you need the help of professionals that understand the loopholes and have built relationships within the FAA to help speed up the process.  

In this episode, you’ll discover how to speed up your application, so that you are not at the bottom of the barrel. 

Want to start your review process and get your medical certificate as soon as possible? 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • The “Line Hopping” technique to get your application to the top of the FAA’s queue (9:53)
  • Two novice mistakes applicants make when submitting their review that makes the FAA take months to get to it (10:26)
  • The three-week delay that can be avoided if you do this quick application technique (10:36)
  • The 30-second trick when submitting your application that helps you avoid three-week delays (10:36) 
  • Have more than one medical issue? Here’s how to submit your application with the FAA so you can hit the air 6 months sooner (21:23)
  • The sneaky “timed out” trap that delays your medical certificate (23:42)
  • The “nudge” letter that gets the FAA to move and start processing your application so that you start traveling the world (25:53)

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