The Reddit effect and the FAA

by The Pilot Lawyer |May 26, 2023|

In today’s world, everyone seems to be an expert.  

Advice seems to be free, and you can get it just about anywhere – including Reddit.  

The “Reddit” effect causes you to believe that your situation is the same as everyone else’s when dealing with the FAA.  You wing it on your own, spend lots of time trying to figure it out and get misled by false information.

This is a disaster waiting to happen, especially when dealing with the subtle nuances that the FAA looks for in every situation.  

In this episode, you’ll discover how to spot good advice from bad ones and how not to accidentally leave out important details for you to keep your FAA medical license.  

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • How to avoid getting false information from so called “online-experts” when it comes to the FAA (2:45)
  • Why using Reddit to get your answers for your FAA certification might leave you without a license (3:40)
  • The “wingman” effect that leaves you in the FAA’s bad books (and how to avoid this) (8:57)
  • Use this simple trick to get your records and documentation for the FAA to be reviewed ASAP (11:14)
  • How to speed up your physicians’ review that puts your application in front of the FAA queue.  (11:33)
  • The Three reasons why most applicant’s FAA medical certifications get denied (and how to stop this from happening to you) (5:52)
  • Why most pilots incorrectly read their medical history and get into trouble with the FAA (7:55)
  • The two professions you need on your side to make sure your certification process goes smoothly with the FAA (14:05)
  • Why you should never provide this “classified” type of information to the FAA (17:13)

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