Fighting the FAA on an Intentional Falsification Charge

by The Pilot Lawyer |May 19, 2023|

An intentional falsification charge is deadly. It can result in a total revocation of all your certifications, and can keep you stuck to the ground for at least a year. 

So, how do you fight the FAA on an intentional falsification charge? Well, first some good news: The FAA won’t come knocking without reason. 

But it can still happen, and for reasons that may not even be on your radar. 

But don’t worry… In this episode, you’ll discover what an intentional falsification charge means, how to best fight it to win your case, and examples of what can make the FAA come knocking. 

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why falsifying your AMA medical certification results in total revocation of your ability to fly (2:14)  
  • How a revocation “nukes” all your certifications you worked hard to earn (and how you can reapply for certifications) (3:30) 
  • The 3 elements the FAA must establish to prove intentional falsification (5:21) 
  • How a recent therapy session can make the FAA deny your certification (and how to get around them) (7:45) 
  • 3 examples of how the FAA can find out about intentional falsities (even though they won’t actively hunt them down) (18:45) 
  • How to tell the truth on your medical certification (without oversharing and causing the FAA to investigate) (22:36)
  • Why treating your FAA investigation like an arrest protects yourself from losing your flying license (23:33)