FAA Medical with Past Anxiety

by The Pilot Lawyer |May 5, 2023|

Pilots with even a mild case of anxiety should proceed with caution when dealing with the FAA.

The big bad FAA can be sneaky with their set of questions. In fact, they could be setting you up for a trap.

How do you avoid these potholes set up by the FAA?

There is no simple answer.  Every case is like a “snowflake” with unique variables.  

The complexity is frustrating and filling out the wrong form (including providing too much information) will leave you grounded without ever flying again.

In this episode, you’ll discover the ins and outs of how to navigate the system created by the FAA if you have a history of anxiety or are currently enduring it now.  

Listen now:

Show highlights include: 

  • How you should answer the dreaded “Question 18 M” on the medical application (especially if you have anxiety) (2:14)
  • Why most pilots underestimate the term “History of Anxiety” when filling out their medical application (proceed with caution) (2:23)
  • How this medication can prevent you from flying forever (even if its been years since you’ve taken it) (3:43)
  • The 3 things you must always keep a record of when the FAA comes knocking on your door (5:23) 
  • The psychiatric treatment that can leave you without a license (even if you think its minor) (5:28)
  • The sneaky way the FAA sets you up for a trap with these sets of questions (5:42)
  • Don’t fall for this “records” strategy by the FAA when they ask you for historical information (6:13) 
  • The best time to bring in an attorney to review your file (most do it too late) (22:33)