FAA Medical Denial for ADHD

by The Pilot Lawyer |April 21, 2023|

ADHD or ADD when a pilot was a child can still impact them today.  A prescription of Adderall or Ritalin in school to cope with it is catching up to them.

Can you still get your medical certificate if you had ADD or ADHD?

Yes, and no.  There are actually two types of denials:  Non-final and Final.

In this episode, join us at The Pilot Lawyer Podcast to discuss what to do if you are impacted—either currently or in the past with ADHD or ADD and how to appeal the FAA’s decisions.  Remember, everything is possible if you have a trusted, legal advisor.

Listen now:

Show highlights include: 

  • The two types of FAA denials that will force you out of the air (even if you’ve spent years getting your pilot’s license)  (5:29)
  • Why every pilot is scared of subsection 67 (if they want to keep their license) (6:19)
  • How even a mild case of ADHD can get your medical certificate denied (and what to do about it) (7:32)
  • What you must know to keep your pilot’s license if you are currently taking medication for ADHD (8:05)
  • The truth about weight loss medications interfering with your ability to get your medical certificate. (9:38)
  • Two things that will make or break your certificate if you are currently taking Adderall (10:20)