FAA Medical Certification with SSRI Medication

by The Pilot Lawyer |June 23, 2023|

SSRIs are an anti-depressant.  If you are just an average person taking it, no one seems to care.  

But, if you are a pilot and trying to fly, sirens seem to go off at the FAA.  The FAA considers this a “serious medical” condition, and this might impact your ability to be a pilot.

What good is being a well-trained pilot if you can’t even fly and make a living?

There is hope!

You still can fly if you take SSRIs, but only if you understand the loopholes and the disclosure requirements.  

In this episode, you’ll discover all about SSRIs and the FAA.  The FAA goes through the application with a fine-tooth comb, so you want to avoid giving them too much information or too little.  

Tune in to discover how to get your application approved faster so that you can finally fly – especially if you take any antidepressants.  

Listen now. 

Show highlights include: 

  • Why the AME will defer your application and deny your certificate if you use Prozac (even though it’s approved on their website) (2:54)
  • The 4 disqualifying SSRI medications that the AME frowns upon and impacts your ability to fly (3:59)
  • Use these 2 secret loopholes to get you to fly again if you are still taking SSRIs (4:52)
  • The only 4 conditions that the FAA will approve SSRIs so you can continue to keep your license (6:16)
  • What does “clinically stable” mean to the FAA and why this might delay your ability to fly for another 6 months (7:31)
  • The 5 antidepressants approved by the FAA so that you can finally get back in the air (8:01)
  • Why having a “risk for recurrent” symptoms can end your career as a pilot (13:13)

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