FAA Medical and VA Disability Benefits

by The Pilot Lawyer |April 28, 2023|

As a veteran, you served part of your life for your country.  You did your dues and now finally you have a second career as a pilot out of the military.  

Everything is going well.  You are getting VA disability benefits for a condition that you have.  Life is good.  

Then you realize you have to deal with the FAA.    

What is actually happening in the background?  

The FAA and the VA are putting their heads together and this means you might not be getting your medical certificate as the hammer is coming down hard.  

In this episode, you’ll discover what to do if you are a Veteran claiming VA disability benefits and how to deal with the FAA.  Make your life easier and navigate the complicated system with a trusted legal advisor that breathes this every day.  

Listen now:

Show highlights include: 

  • Why there has been a rise in ramifications by the FAA for Veterans with benefits (and how to avoid this) (2:08)
  • What you should never tell the FAA as a Veteran (if you want your application to be approved) (2:34)
  • The “Cross Referencing” process the FAA and the Veteran’s association do to keep tabs on you (3:45)
  • The three severe medical conditions as a Veteran that can still get you a medical certificate (10:25) 
  • The dreaded “letter of correction” by the FAA and what you should do to fix your application (13:01)
  • What you must do immediately if you are receiving VA benefits and haven’t told the FAA (20:05)