FAA Hotline Complaint

by The Pilot Lawyer |July 7, 2023|

The FAA exists to ensure public safety.  

This is why they always have their eyes and ears wide open.  

Their strict rules and regulations can make even the perfect pilot go crazy.  

As a pilot, if you break any of their rules, you can say goodbye to your license and your ability to fly.  

If this wasn’t bad enough, they also have an anonymous hotline, where anyone can report you – even for a petty violation.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to navigate complaints made against you by an anonymous tip to the FAA hotline.  

You only have one shot to respond to the FAA after a complaint – and having a legal representative will increase your chance of keeping your license.

Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • A simple allegation that can get you thrown onto FAA’s radar and get your license suspended (4:01)
  • How any “John Doe” can take away your license by using a public library (4:25)
  • Why these letters from the regional flight surgeon’s office will get you grounded as a pilot (7:12)
  • How the Pilot’s bill of rights will protect you against complaints and get you flying in no time (10:11)
  • 3 easy ways to prove a negative claim against you (without having to deal directly with the FAA) (17:06)
  • The “Buffer layer” strategy to protect you against hotline complaints and the FAA (20:34) 
  • 4 flying operational violations that can get you stuck on land and not make a living (22:19)

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