Aviation Law

At the Ison Law Firm, aviation law is our passion. As pilots, we understand that euphoric sensation you get when you throttle up your aircraft for the rollout, eagerly watch as the airspeed comes alive, and feel the wings start to provide lift as you become airborne. The freedom to navigate the skies at your own leisure truly feels like conquering one of the last frontiers.

But, your moment of euphoric pleasure can quickly come crashing back down to reality if you encounter legal troubles while pursuing your passion in aviation. Legal problems ranging from the threat of an FAA Enforcement Action, loss of a medical certificate, the filing of NASA report, NTSB appeal litigation, or the possibility of TSA civil fines can ruin an otherwise beautiful day for flying.

We take your legal aviation concerns seriously. We believe that a constant submersion in an aviation environment enables us to connect with the worries and concerns of our clientele. After all, how can your aviation attorney effectively articulate your position if he doesn’t understand your passion for aviation? We understand your passion and we will be your legal voice.

Your team at the Ison Law Firm strives to provide the best aviation law representation to our fellow aviators, and anyone else in need of legal services. Don’t hesitate to contact our team from The Ison Law Firm Aviation Lawyers today at 855-322-1215 and schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced aviation lawyer today.