Airport and Fixed Based Operator Representation

The Ison Law Firm is happy to represent airports and Fixed Based Operators (“FBO”) in Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) and Department of Transportation (“DOT”) proceedings throughout the United States and with state-law issues in the State of Florida. When your airport or FBO needs an attorney, choose The Pilot Lawyer – an aviation attorney that works with aviation regulations, transactions, and litigation on a daily basis. Running an airport or FBO can be a complicated and multi-faceted task -issues commonly arise with Federal and State regulatory compliance, land use issues, noise complaints, tenant lease negotiations, grant applications, and local government representation.
The Ison Law Firm’s representation of airports and FBOs includes but is not limited to negotiations and presentations with airport sponsors, the FAA, and local Florida governments regarding leases, development, fueling/vendor contracts, and litigation. Possibly one of the greatest risks for FBOs in Florida is the risk of liability. This liability usually comes in the form of a negligence lawsuit for issues rising from aircraft rental, flight school operations, maintenance services, fuel sales, tie-down and hangar space rentals. What’s more is that Florida FBOs can sometimes be at risk for liability caused by the negligence of their employees, including flight instructors, mechanics, line services operators, snow removal personnel, and tug operators through a legal theory called vicarious liability.
Outside of aviation, Florida FBOs are businesses that provide a service to the public. Unfortunately, whenever the public is involved, there is a greater risk for liability. In that, a Florida FBO could potentially be liable for accidents that occur on their premises, including slip and falls. As a result, Florida FBOs must maintain strict industry standards and procedure to avoid potential liability for negligence on their premises.
If your airport authority, local government, or Fixed Based Operator is looking for top-notch aviation representation or counseling, call The Ison Law Firm. The Pilot Lawyer at The Ison Law Firm has the in-depth aviation knowledge necessary to navigate you through Federal and Florida State regulatory compliance issues, negligence liability, as well as land use, lease agreement, and noise abatement issues. Representation on some issues may be limited to the State of Florida.