FAA Medical Denied Because of Adderall?

FAA medical denied because of Adderall? Adderall, as well as all other amphetamines and dextroamphetamines, is a disqualifying medication for the purpose of airman medical certification with the FAA. What does this mean? If you are taking Adderall, your application for medical certification will be denied. You will not be issued a medical certificate while you are taking Adderall. If you submit an application for medical certification and identify Adderall as a medication that you are currently using, your Aviation Medical Examiner will automatically defer your application. (more…)

Aviation Lawyer For My FAA Medical Certificate?

Often, we are asked by prospective clients, “do I need an aviation lawyer for my FAA medical certificate?” This question usually comes from airmen who have spoken with an Aviation Medical Examiner (“AME”) before calling The Ison Law Firm. Without naming names, there are a handful of AMEs that constantly question why an airman would ever consider hiring a lawyer to address a medical concern with the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”). (more…)