How to Prevent a FAA Medical Denial?

How to prevent a FAA medical denial is a question frequently asked of The Ison Law Firm by airmen. What is the most critical step to preventing a FAA medical denial? Preparation. Time and time again, airmen will complete their Form 8500-8, get examined by their Aviation Medical Examiner (“AME”), pay their fee to the AME, and then learn that their medical history requires “deferral” to and evaluation by the FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine in Oklahoma City. (more…)

“Pilot-In-Command” Insurance Exclusions

Most prudent pilots know that accidents happen. Despite expensive training and exercising an abundance of caution, the unexpected can happen…which is one reason why pilots purchase accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Did you know, however, that sometimes your accidental death policy will exclude coverage for accidents occurring when you are acting as a “pilot or crewmember” of an aircraft involved in an accident? (more…)