Aviation Accident Representation

After an airplane or helicopter accident, you or your loved ones may be wondering about aviation accident representation. First, if you are reading this and you or your loved ones have been injured or killed in an aviation accident, please accept our deepest sympathy. It is truly saddening when technology that is meant to enhance our lives brings us harm. Nevertheless, if you find yourself wondering what to do after an aviation accident, your first step should be to call an aviation attorney. (more…)

“Pilot-In-Command” Insurance Exclusions

Most prudent pilots know that accidents happen. Despite expensive training and exercising an abundance of caution, the unexpected can happen…which is one reason why pilots purchase accidental death and dismemberment insurance. Did you know, however, that sometimes your accidental death policy will exclude coverage for accidents occurring when you are acting as a “pilot or crewmember” of an aircraft involved in an accident? (more…)