FAA is Unable to Establish Your Medical Eligibility

Did you receive a letter stating that the FAA is unable to establish your medical eligibility? This language is not particularly a cause for alarm. The FAA may conduct a reexamination of your eligibility to hold a medical certificate pursuant to 14 C.F.R. §67.413. This regulation authorizes the FAA’s Office of Aerospace Medicine to request additional medical information whenever the Administrator finds that such information is necessary to determine whether you meet the medical standards required to hold a medical certificate. (more…)

FAA Medical Certificate Denied for Substance Dependence Part 2: Increased Tolerance

Has your FAA medical certificate been denied for “substance dependence?” If so, reference the previous article regarding the FAA’s criteria for “substance dependence.” You can read that article here: FAA Medical Certificate Denied for Substance Dependence: Part 1: Criteria for “Dependence” – The Pilot Lawyer This article will address the first and most problematic of the FAA’s four criteria for “substance dependence.” (more…)

Your FAA Medical Denial

Your FAA medical denial is not the end of the road for your flying career. Did you know that most FAA medical denials are not “final denials?” In other words, most FAA medical denials are subject to considerable “reconsideration” and potentially even review by the National Transportation Safety Board. To that end, not all FAA medical denials are created equal. (more…)

Three Steps to Avoid a FAA Medical Denial

There are three steps to avoid a FAA medical denial, whether you’ve been flying for years or this is your first FAA medical application. As you probably already know, a pilot’s license is only as good as the medical certificate that you hold. If you’re an ATP, student pilot, or just interested in getting into aviation, the common denominator is the need for a valid FAA medical certificate. Beyond that, the FAA’s new “BasicMed” certificate requires that your most recent medical application not have been denied. So, the impact of a FAA medical denial is becoming more consequential in the airman certification process, overall. (more…)

FAA Medical Assistance

When looking for FAA medical certification assistance, is it smart to hire an attorney? Having a FAA medical defense attorney on your side has its benefits when you need FAA medical certification assistance. When faced with a FAA medical application deferral, FAA medical denial, or FAA medical revocation, you have options on who to get help from – your aviation medical examiner (“AME”), your airline, your union, your pilot friends, FAA medical certification agencies, etc. (more…)