When a Pilot Fails a DOT Drug Test

The FAA’s guidelines at Order 2150.3b call for the revocation of all certificates when a pilot fails a DOT drug test. All Part 121 and Part 135 (and some Part 145) operators are required by the FAA at Part 120 to test pilots and other certificate holders performing safety sensitive positions for a variety of reasons. The variety of DOT drug test performed pursuant to Part 120 are: pre-employment, random drug testing, post-accident, drug testing based on reasonable cause, return-to-duty testing, and follow-up testing. (more…)

FAA Medical Application Deferred Due to A DUI

Was your FAA medical application due to a DUI on your record? When a FAA medical application is deferred due to a DUI, your aviation medical examiner (“AME”) cannot issue you a medical “on the spot.” Instead, your AME has to send your file directly to the FAA (either your regional flight surgeon or the AMCD in Oklahoma City) to determine if you can be issued a medical certificate. Careful planning prior to submitting a medical application to the FAA can sometimes prevent your FAA medical application from being deferred due to a DUI. (more…)

FAA Medical Assistance

When looking for FAA medical certification assistance, is it smart to hire an attorney? Having a FAA medical defense attorney on your side has its benefits when you need FAA medical certification assistance. When faced with a FAA medical application deferral, FAA medical denial, or FAA medical revocation, you have options on who to get help from – your aviation medical examiner (“AME”), your airline, your union, your pilot friends, FAA medical certification agencies, etc. (more…)