The FAA Is Revoking My License

Have you recently said those words: “the FAA is revoking my license?” Unfortunately, what with the FAA’s new “compliance philosophy,” the majority of the enforcement actions coming from the FAA are emergency revocations…which means that instead of giving you an opportunity to respond to the allegations prior to issuing a revocation order, the FAA is immediately revoking your pilot license. (more…)

FAA Hotline Complaints

Did you know that the FAA via FAA hotline complaints allows anyone to file a complaint with the FAA if he or she thinks that you (a certificated airman, air carrier, or otherwise) has violated a Federal Aviation Regulation or have otherwise jeopardized the safety of the National Airspace System? The problem with the FAA hotline complaint system is two-fold: anyone can file a complaint against a certificate holder and the reporter can remain anonymous. (more…)

Responding to a FAA Letter of Investigation

If you’re under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), you may have questions about responding to a FAA Letter of Investigation (“LOI”). First, what is a FAA Letter of Investigation? The FAA sends a Letter of Investigation to a certificated airman/entity (pilot, A&P mechanic, IA air carrier, repair station, etc.) when there is evidence that the airman or entity allegedly engaged in activity which may have been in violation of the Federal Aviation Regulations (“FARs”). (more…)

FAA Emergency Revocation for Refusal of a DOT Drug Test

If you are a person who performs flight crewmember duties under part 121, did you know that you could potentially receive a FAA emergency revocation for refusal of a DOT drug test? In that, employees who perform safety-sensitive functions for airlines and other companies certificated under part 121 are required to submit to random drug testing pursuant to their company’s anti-drug program. (more…)

FAA Emergency Order of Revocation – Notice of Appeal

It is critical to remember that every second counts when you receive a FAA Emergency Order of Revocation. In that, if you receive a FAA Emergency Order of Revocation, you have 10 days from the date of the Order’s service to file a Notice of Appeal with the Office of Administrative Law Judges at the National Transportation Safety Board. But what is a Notice of Appeal? (more…)