These Private Eyes Are Watching You: Privacy Laws for Drone Operators

You’ve saved, shopped online, watched “unboxing” videos on YouTube, and read the owner’s manual, and now it’s time for you to take your new drone for its maiden voyage. The one question that may still be unanswered, however, is: how can you enjoy your drone, while not violating privacy laws? Imagine you decide to take your UAV for a flight across town to capture some video footage of the summer festival. (more…)

The Un-responsive Pilot: request to call the tower and Letters of Investigation – how the FAA wants to use your statements in an enforcement action

Imagine a beautiful Saturday afternoon with calm winds and high ceilings – the type of day that just beckons a pilot to go fly. You hop in your plane and off you go, soaring above all your worries and concerns. As you fly along without a care in the world, you unknowingly fly into class “B” airspace without a clearance. (more…)

Don’t Drone In Liability: A brief look at drone liability and ways to protect a business operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Without a doubt, starting a new business can be one of the most rewarding, and equally terrifying, experiences in anyone’s life. With the commercial availability and success of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, many business entrepreneurs are starting new aviation businesses. (more…)